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Thread: Please help-- Non-stop nursing sleep association

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    My 2nd son is almost 7 months old and WILL NOT fall asleep, or stay asleep, unless he's attached to me. I am exhausted and cranky and DONE. I loved our sweet nights of co-sleeping despite the exhaustion, but it is wearing very thin and I am so frustrated. My husband tries to get him down with a bottle (screams during or after) or walking in stroller (he'll sleep briefly here). He's a catnapper, will snooze if we're driving or walking during the day, but otherwise he needs me to lay down with him, and nurse him down. He does have a nanny or my MIL two days a week, and he falls asleep in their arms, or in stroller/carseat as well, but again- just briefly.

    We've tried to put him in his crib and the pack n' play bassinet at bedside, but he only tolerates it for about 5-20 mins before he becomes frantic and cries. With my 1st son, he was 1/2 breast/ formula, and never co-slept, and he was weaning at this point due to decreased milk supply, and he was in his crib by 5 months, and sleeping well. I can't help but feel as though I am creating a negative sleep association and impairing this kid! My pediatrician is not for co-sleeping, has recommended the Sleep Lady, and my lactation consultant the No Cry Sleep Solution ( which we haven't had luck with ), but I feel like I've brought this on myself and it's going to be very hard to change it up.

    Please help! Any recommendations or advice is HUGELY appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Please help-- Non-stop nursing sleep association

    I have read the No Cry Sleep Solution; I also co-sleep. I have 4 children. The younger two sleep in my room. We moved the two year old to a toddler bed that is next to us when I found out I was pregnant. My 4th old is sharing our bed now. I used some of the techniques in the No Cry Sleep Solution and it help, but the thing was it took time. Longer than what the book said it would. One thing I did when I was moving my 2 year old to a toddler bed (at the time she was 16 months) was have a really good bedtime routine. I would give her a bath and really let her get tired from that. Put pajamas on, read a book. I would let her nurse and I also used a pacifer. I know some people don't like those, but it helped. I have a crib now that connects to my bed for my 4 month old. Looks like a pac and play, but this connects to the bed.

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    Ok, I skimmed through The Toddler No - Cry Sleep Solution. I honestly didn't like it as much as I liked Dr Sears The Baby Sleep Book. And that really didn't provide much help either. There are also a bunch of other gentle sleep programs in the link above. Maybe something will work in your situation.

    I really see the differences in your son's sleeping habits as a temperament issue rather than a result of parenting/feeding styles. I myself was the needier, ' rotten ' second child after a happy go lucky brother. I remember fighting with my parents to let me sleep with them as a toddler. I ended up being a great sleeper btw! My son is definitely the same way. Time has been the biggest factor. He definitely develops at his own pace and lately his sleep had been markedly improved. Two books I read that have me a better understanding of my son's personality were Dr Sears' The Fussy Baby Book and Mary Speedy Kurcinka's (sp?) Raising Your Spirited Child. The first just gave me a sense of I'm not alone and I'm not doing everything wrong. The second has really helped me with practical tips now that we're in the toddler years.

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