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Thread: Hygeia or Medela

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    So I am able to order a breast pump from my insurance company. I am trying to decide between the Hygeia q and the Medela Double electric. Can I please have some insight on your opinions? I realize that pumps are based on the individual, but I currently have an Ameda Purely yours, and I am having nothing but problems. Thanks for the advice in advance!
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    Hi Lindsay,
    The Hygeia and the Medela double electric are probably both steps up from the Ameda Purely Yours, which is a lighter weight pump. They are both supposed to be good pumps. The Hygeia can be used by more than one person and is also WHO code compliant, if that is something that matters to you (not something I knew about when I bought my pump, but something I've become attuned to from these forums). I personally have used the Medela Pump in Style Advanced double electric, which I think is similar to what you get through the insurance company. I've put my PISA through a lot - basically used it pumping for a year at work over two babies, and occasionally with the third - it's lasted me almost seven years now and always worked well for me.

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