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Thread: Plugged duct?

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    I think I have a plugged duct... I have a sore red spot on one side of one breast, and it looks like googled pics of "plugged ducts." So, for the past 24 hours I've done what Kellymom.com recommends...massage, warm water, warm compress and of course nursing a lot, but the red spot seems to be getting bigger although it's not quite as sore as it was yesterday. Could it be getting worse even though it is less sore? Time to see a pro? Any advice? Thanks so much!
    DS#1: Aidan, born 1/7/11 - 9 lbs. 5 oz. 22 in. (a difficult induced labor), BFed for 2.5 years after a VERY rocky start (indebted to LLL for the support)!
    DS#2: Amiel, born 12/11/13 - 9lbs, 22 in., 8 days "late," spontaneously, naturally & unmedicated after resisting pressure to induce.

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    If this were a Monday, I would say that reduced soreness means you can just keep an eye on it and continue the self-care you've been doing, even though the increasing area of the red patch makes me a bit nervous that this could be turning into mastitis. But we're headed into the weekend, so I think it makes sense to at least call your doctor and make an appointment for tomorrow. You don't want this to turn into mastitis on a Saturday or Sunday and have no way to see your doctor, and then end up stuck in the emergency room for hours and hours...

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