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Thread: Supply dip during period, what to do?

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    Default Supply dip during period, what to do?

    Hi ladies,

    I got my period back one year pp, and I am on my second period now. DD has been super fussy this week and it took me a while to realize that she was still hungry after nursings... she was nursing non stop in the morning a couple of days ago, so I decided to give her some yogurt and after that she was again happily walking around. Today I pumped for the first time in a while because I had to work longer hours, and I got half the amount I used to get a couple of months back

    Has anyone experienced this? I've read that calcium/magnesium supplements could help, and also galactogoges. I tried using galactogoges in the early months and didn't notice much difference, but maybe it's worth giving it another try. She refuses to drink milk (even my milk) in a bottle or sippy cup (she does drink water and juice, just not milk).


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    Default Re: Supply dip during period, what to do?

    The best thing you can do is to nurse on demand, even if that means your baby is acting super-fussy. If she's not getting enough during the period of your period, nurse her as much as possible and then give her some solids. Galactogogues and a Ca/Mg supplement won't hurt and may help, and pumping during the workday will definitely help (but don't feel like that means you have to do it!!!).

    It's entirely normal for pump output to decline at this point. Your baby is eating solids, and therefore less reliant on your milk. And you've quit pumping at work. So if you were pumping the same amount at 12 months that you were at, say, 8 months, I'd be surprised!

    If you want to pump and your baby won't drink your milk, you could always mix it with solids. Use it to thin out cereal or purée or something. But please don't feel like pumping is mandatory at >1 year! It's an option that works for some moms, but for most moms it's above and beyond the call of duty.

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    Default Re: Supply dip during period, what to do?

    Magnesium is best absorbed externally so combine the supplement with an Epsom salt bath

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