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Thread: Diminishing Pumping Output - 9 month old

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    I ran into the same thing initially around 3 months, when my period returned, and used fenugreek after that during periods, which helped some, but around 9 months I hit the pumping wall. I changed membranes, etc. but didn't see improvement (this doesn't mean you won't! definitely worth trying), and at 10 months-ish wasn't able to produce anything with the pump anymore. What worked for us was that my husband started bringing my son to my office at the time I would normally pump. My supply was fine, but I didn't let down for the pump anymore, so this worked well. Is going to your daughter's nursery possible, even for a lunchtime nursing session?

    Also, I don't know how long you're planning to pump/nurse, but even though I stopped pumping around 10 months, I was able to nurse until my son was 21 months old, so not being able to pump doesn't mean you won't be able to nurse if you want to (I was really worried about that).

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Diminishing Pumping Output - 9 month old

    This is really good for me to hear! I also have a 9 month old and my pumping output has gone down from 16-17oz per 10-11hr work day to about 12oz over the past couple weeks. Also I'm newly (and unexpectedly!) pregnant, about 8 weeks along, so I was getting worried. But knowing that it could just be a slump and that it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to have to wean early is really reassuring - nursing is probably one of my favorite things ever, and one of baby's favorite things as well

    Also as far as short-term solutions go, I asked my pedi about it today (9 month well-baby check-up!) and she said not to be concerned about supplementing unless the baby started losing weight or really getting fussy/acting hungry, but to add in high-calorie solid foods to his diet, since he's eating solids regularly anyways. Things like adding butter or olive oil to cooked veggies, or feeding him foods like avocado or egg. So that may also be helpful or reassuring to any of you in the same sort of predicament.

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