Well, we got her to sleep by a bit after 10pm last night, with no real fight. Starting at 9 we said our evening prayers, gave her a bath, played quietly in the semi-dark for a while, then at around 10 I nursed her mostly asleep and them my husband carried her around for a while before settling her in her crib. She was up the usual number of times in the night, so we still have to deal with that, but at least I have some confidence that we can effect the situation, it's amazing how things start to feel inevitable! I think y'all are right about the nap timing as well, she woke up from her (only) nap yesterday around three, and she seemed just the right amount of tired and malleable. We might push for a 9pm bedtime eventually, but I think we'll stick with 10 for now and see how consistent we can be.

@filmmommy - no kidding! I haven't left my house in a week, it has been so dang cold.