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Thread: Slow weight gain

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    I am exclusively bf and my 8 week old lo seems to be gaining weight very slowly. He was 7lb 10oz at birth and only dropped to 7lb 8oz. One week later he was weighed as still being 7lb 8oz, the following week 7lb 10, then 7lb 13.5oz a week later. We had thrush and I did 2 days of expressed feeds/top ups and he went up to 8lb 11oz! However since then he's gone up to 9lb, 9lb 3 and in the last 16 days he's only gained another 5oz. The health visitor was good about it and said I should make sure I'm eating enough and drinking enough milk (?) And that I should maybe try a dream feed. He never goes more than 3hrs between feeds during the day, often feeding every 2 hours. At night I feed him around 6, 7.30,then 9 and he will then often sleep until 3am. Any advice as to whether I should be worried and why weight gain could be so slow?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Some questions for you:
    - Has baby always been weighed in the nude, using the same scale every time?
    - How does nursing feel- is it at all painful, and if so, can you describe the pain?
    - How is baby's diaper output? How many wets/poops per day, and what color/consistency/volume are the poops?
    - Were both you and your baby treated for thrush, or just one or the other of you?
    - Is baby very sleepy during his feeds? Is he jaundiced?
    - Are you using any form of hormonal contraception?
    - Any history of the following medical problems for you: thyroid problems, PCOS, retained placenta?

    The most common reason for a baby to not gain sufficient weight is low milk intake (by the baby, not the mother; it's a complete myth that a mom needs to drink milk in order to make milk). This can happen for a variety of reasons, including the baby being a sleepy or inefficient feeder, the baby not feeding long enough or often enough, the mom imposing a rigid schedule. Those are the things you want to rule out first before pursuing any of the rarer explanations for poor growth.

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