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Thread: Request for help with extra milk

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    Default Request for help with extra milk

    I am a mother of one and a gestational surrogate for a wonderful gay couple in Miami, FL. I had low supply issues following my first pregnancy. Hopefully my supply will be better this time around. Just in case I need to find another woman to help me start off the parents with a milk supply in case I have supply issues again. It is very important to all of us for this baby to have the best nutrition available even if it takes two of us ladies to provide it. We are on gluten free diets and would prefer help from someone else who is gluten free or willing to go gluten free if possible. The fathers are willing to compensate for help with extra milk. You will not find a better set of parents-to-be anywhere. I love these guys and their baby that I am carrying. Please let me know if you might be able to help so we can discuss this further.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Hi kellyc7. It is wonderful that the expectant parents wish to provide baby with human milk.

    La Leche League as an organization provides information about breastfeeding & support for breastfeeding. We can also offer support & information for those who are considering donating their expressed milk, so if you are asking for tips on optimizing your chances for normal milk production, we can try to help you with that. But we do not facilitate milk sharing (aka milk donation.) It is simply outside our focus. There are some websites that facilitate milk sharing, and I would suggest the parents-to-be investigate those and look for those that give clear guidelines and also provide good information on donor screening. It is important to understand that only human milk banks provide milk from pre-screened donors. In informal arrangements, those receiving the donated milk must make their own arrangements for screening of donors.
    This press release from 2011 has some information about LLL's milk donation policies and the risks and benefits of providing baby with donated milk. https://www.llli.org/release/milksharing.html

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    Default Re: Request for help with extra milk

    Here's the home page for Human milk 4 human babies and a link to the Florida Facebook page, which is where you would post your request. Good luck!



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