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Thread: 8 mo, plugged duct, and semi-nursing strike

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    Default 8 mo, plugged duct, and semi-nursing strike

    This past weekend, i got ill. I tried to nurse through it, but missed one feeding on Fri (4th nursing session).
    My husband fed the baby a little solid food, and he got through to the final feeding. Currently he nurses/gets the bottle 5 times a day, and eats widely varying amounts 3x a day. Saturday he was somewhat uninterested in the 4th nursing session, and Sunday and Monday completely uninterested in the 4th nursing session.
    My suspicion is that the 4th and 5th nursing sessions are very low in quantity. More often now he gets disinterested in nursing and will have a few short nursing sessions ilo a long one or just have a really short nursing session.

    In addition to the skipped feeding, the illness dropped my milk supply quite a bit - but today, while pumping, it seemed on the rebound - however, baby did get a little frustrated with the limited tap while and after i was sick.

    Today I have a lot of pain in my right breast and what feels like a plugged duct. A lot the advice i've seen on this either seems geared towards a younger infant, or 'nurse more'.

    I can go to work and pump more, or i can work from home and nurse, but i'm concerned baby won't nurse more.

    Any recommendations to keep this from developing into mastitis? (and relieve the pain)
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    Default Re: 8 mo, plugged duct, and semi-nursing strike

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you feel like you're coming down with a plugged duct or mastitis, you want to do the following:
    - Apply moist heat (warm compresses, showers, baths) to the breast and the nipple.
    - Use breast massage while nursing or pumping. You can use your hand, or if you have something that provides vibration, like an electric toothbrush, hold it against the plugged area.
    - Nurse more often, if the baby is willing.
    - Vary your nursing position.
    - Pump more (particularly if the baby is unwilling to nurse!)
    Basically, you want to do everything in your power to empty the plugged area.

    It sounds like your baby is nursing just 4-5 times a day. Is he getting bottles in addition to these nursing sessions, and if so, how much is in the bottles?

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