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Thread: Think my LO is almost done nursing

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    Default Think my LO is almost done nursing

    So lately my LO seems to have little to no interest in nursing. This may be due to milk changes during pregnancy, but she's acting just like she has better things to do! She didn't nurse at all yesterday. I ask her, but she either says no or just ignores me. I am a little relieved she's doing it herself and won't be relying on nursing too much when new baby comes, but sad -- it seems to be happening more quickly than I expected. She's cut down to 2x a day in the past month, then 1x a day the past week or two, and now barely nursing at all. She'll probably still nurse a few days a week for a little while.

    Anyway, more important than my feelings, is there anything I need to do, watch out for, etc.? I doubt mastitis is a huge possibility, but I guess it's still there? I figured it was gradual enough that I should be okay, but I know nothing about weaning, now that I think about it!
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    Default Re: Think my LO is almost done nursing

    What a nice way to wean!

    No reason to worry about mastitis- when you wean very gradually, your milk supply slowly decreases to a low level, reducing the likelihood of engorgement and plugged ducts, which can contribute to mastitis. And you're pregnant, so that's probably also drying you up even faster than you would be if you weren't pregnant.

    Nevertheless, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your body and your breasts. If you feel engorged, or feel a plugged duct, or start feeling like you have the flu, then mastitis might be something to think about.

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