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Thread: Breastfeeding fathers

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    My husband has been very involved and supportive in the breastfeeding process. We have had latch-on challenges and pumping challenges, but he has done his research and talked with the lactation nurses when I see them and helped in any way he can. (He especially enjoyed massaging my breast to help get the flow started. Hardy har har.)

    He gets his bonding in with baby by lulling her to sleep and talking to her while she's awake. He also changes her diapers and burps her after feedings. Once in a while he will offer to take one of her night-time feedings and give her a bottle of pumped milk. This comes in handy when I am especially tired or have a headache. One silly thing he does is narrates what he's doing. It's cute and it also calms her when she's screaming. He doesn't do it in a "babytalk" voice. Just a normal speaking voice and he says to her what he's doing or what he sees or (much to Mommy's dismay) what's going on during a football game.

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    DH is very supportive of breastfeeding. He bonded with DS1 almost immediately. He wore DS1 for walks (summer baby), and sat up with him at night when he had his days and nights confused.

    DS2 was harder for DH. The first 4 months of DS2's life he cried whenever DH held him. This was especially bad at bedtime, when DH held DS2 while I prepped DS1 for bed and got him to sleep -- DS2 spend the entire 60-90 minutes screaming his head off. DH used to call me "Good Parent". Around the 6 month mark DS2 stopped screaming at his daddy and then the bonding really began. Now, at 12 months, DH is DS2's favorite person, more so than me! (All of which to say, even if your husband doesn't feel bonded right now, it CAN happen later!)

    DH has always taken care of diapers when he's home. We never did the pumped milk thing, neither of the boys really took to bottles. He also reads to them a lot. Maybe your husband could try reading to your baby?
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    How quickly things change!
    As of yesterday my baby will not settle with me at all. When she's with me she wants to be nursing and won't sleep or relax without a boob in her mouth. That means that when I want a break from nursing, my husband becomes good cop. She'll sleep with him now.
    I'm sure if I wait another 24 hours we'll be on to a new arrangement! Moving targets, these little ones!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'm sure they'll come in handy when the pendulum swings again.

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