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    Hello, I'm breastfeeding a 2 months old who has reflux. I've been cutting out dairy, soy, and coffee from my diet. I'd like to have a cup of coffee once in a while although I rather not if it will make the reflux worse. I'm thinking about pumping and dumping after drinking coffee but not sure if that's going to be effective. Also not sure, how soon after drinking coffee I should pump and dump and if it's really going to get it out of my system. I'm curious about the whole pump and dump idea anyways. Thoughts?

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    Personally, I wouldn't bother pumping and dumping. I doubt that one cup would irritate your baby.

    If anything, I'd probably pump it and freeze it. When your baby outgrows the reflux, you'll be able to use it!
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    How bad is the baby's reflux? Is your baby gaining weight normally and generally happy and healthy? Or is he/she more of the "scrawny screamer" type of baby- growing poorly, uncomfortable all the time?

    With the first type of baby, I'd feel free to experiment with coffee. Have a big cup and see what happens. If nothing changes, then I'd try it again a couple of days later. If the baby's really miserable, then maybe it's a good idea to switch to decaf or even to pump and save- though I would consider that a drastic step, and generally a step too far in most cases.

    Now, if your baby isn't gaining well, and is consistently uncomfortable, and you already know that caffeine is a problem, I wouldn't experiment. I'd just avoid coffee altogether- unless you have so much extra milk that pumping and saving isn't a big hardship for you, and you can easily swap in some caffeine-free expressed milk. If you're considering swapping in formula, that's likely to make things worse.

    As the PP said, caffeine is generally not a problem, when consumed in reasonable amounts.

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    Thanks for the replies. She's been gaining weight normally and generally happy and healthy but when the reflux flares up she has trouble sleeping, cries in her sleep (day and night) and sometimes cries in pain which is heartbreaking. This happened in the past couple of days. I've been drinking coffee before last week about 3 cups a week and she was OK but, not reflux free. Then, I ate quite a bit of trail mix that contains nuts and carobs this week. I just learned that nuts can flare up reflux and I'm thinking that's what made it really bad. Now, I'm trying to eliminate as much food that make reflux worse so she'll be more comfortable which includes coffee. The hard part is I don't know right away which specific food triggers it for my LO since diet elimination doesn't go into effect overnight.

    I like the pump and save idea (didn't think of that). How soon after I drink coffee should I pump and save though?

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    This is the tough thing about elimination diets- you don't know what, if anything, in your diet is causing or exacerbating the reflux. You're going by trial and error. That's why I don't like to see moms eliminating too much all at once- it's so easy to go overboard, to mistake correlation for causality, and to eliminate so many foods that breastfeeding becomes this immense and non-pleasurable sacrifice.

    According to the very reliable kellymom.com (quoting Hale's Medications and Mothers' Milk), "milk levels [of caffeine] are quite low (0.06-1.5% of maternal dose) and usually peak 1-2 hours after ingestion." So if you decide to go the pump and save route, you'd want to pump about 1-2 hours after having your coffee.

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    Thank you

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