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    I agree with all the PPs. Just wanted to say, also, that according to Dr. Sears (and my observations with friends who made such claims) a lot of those parents who have practiced sleep training just start sleeping through their child's wake-ups. Think about it -- if you train yourself to ignore your kids' cries and they're in another room, they probably will stop waking you at some point. And they probably will stop crying, because what would be the point? My LO has been sleeping pretty well since about 15 months, with some bad nights. At some point, the zombie state just became normal for me -- I haven't slept a full night in over 2 years, and I have another one coming soon enough! I now scoff at people with no children or grown children who whine to me about how tired they are! I'm sure I said the same at some point, but it changes your perspective.
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    Honestly even if you had bottle fed you would likely still be doing night feedings at 8 months and possibly waking up every 2 hours replacing a pacifier. At this point, waking every two hours is only partially about calories. Nobody actually "sleeps through the night". Everybody has small wakings that are so brief they don't notice them because they immediately fall back to sleep. The problem is that most babies are not very good at putting themselves back to sleep at this age. It's something they all eventually learn, but getting there isn't always easy.

    Also, saying that babies who are used to having feedings through the night can biologically go without eating at night is similar to telling an adult who usually eats three meal and two snacks per day that he is able to take in all the calories he needs at one meal. It is true and possible in most cases, but would be a difficult transition if attempted all at once. That person might have consumed enough calories at breakfast, but his body will still feel hunger at times when he was used to eating.

    Is there somebody else that can help at night? A non-lactating person? Some babies will settle down faster for someone who they know can't nurse them.

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    Agree with everyone else that this is normal. Unfortunately. I know it's terribly hard. My son went through a period around 8-9 months old where he was waking up 7-8 times a night, every night. I felt like I was going to die. I had a minor car accident because I was too tired to be driving. My DH and I were at each others' throats. That said, this too will pass, but maybe not soon enough. My son started sleeping through the night sporadically around his first birthday. The nights he still woke up, it was only once or twice a night, which was livable. He's now 2 and sleeps through the night most nights. Give it time and patience, sooner or later he WILL sleep.
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    hi zombie mommy. i'm a working mom at the same time BF my DD whenver im home. i have to work 9am-1pm, 4-8pm. i make sure to be home travelling 15mins after my 4 hrs work to BF her and give bath. wake up early as 7.30 am to BF before leaving home. at night is time for laundry, ironing and cooking for our dinner. guess what time im finish, its 12.30 am. BF while co sleeping DD 5 mos & 3 weeks til we fall to sleep, wake up as often for BF. i understand how it feels to be zombie since i am also a zombie mommy but one thing in my mind its my precious DD who really needs me, seeing her grin while nursing is source of energy and encouragement. i am not even looking for a sleep through the night w/o BF because it will give me worry thinking that DD sleeps with tummy is empty.
    my tip for you is to co sleep with your child to avoid disturbance of sleep routine because good thing about BF is no need to prepare milk, you just have to give your breast. for me i go back to sleep after giving my breast and don't know when she's finish nursing. when she's full she just pull her little mouth and sleep.
    another thing is to just have dim lighting in the room.we are using lamp shades at DD's first 3 mos but after that we found out the lights at our kitchen will be enough to give little light to our room so we switch off room lights.
    i know some moms especially middle eastern moms who train their LO starting @ 3 mos not to give feedings at night from 12am-5am. but i never tried it to my 2 daughters.

    don't be discouraged, don't compare others child to yours because every child is unique and don't give up. you are doing at your best remember you are not the only zombie mommy

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    Just wanted to chime in and say you are not alone! My daughter has just turned one and has never slept through the night. I now am staying home with her but from 3-8 months, I was working full time and it was very challenging. It was so bad at one point that I nodded off when driving home from work one day and totaled my car. I assure you that this has nothing to do with you choosing to breastfeed. I am in 100 percent agreement with Mommal that sometimes high needs babies during the day are high needs babies at night. It's just the way they're wired and I really see that in my daughter. Changing my point of view on things has helped a lot. Instead of thinking that breastfeeding has caused this, I now see that without having the ability to breastfeed her back to sleep at night, I would be up SO much more rocking, singing, and bouncing around our bedroom. We have never been able to lay down and nurse but having a rocking chair beside my bed and the use of a travel neck pillow enables me to get her back to sleep fairly effortlessly in about 10 minutes without waking up completely myself. Keep your chin up mama! You're doing a great job and are giving your baby such a good start!

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