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Thread: 5 mos & 1 week constipated when eating solid food

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    Default 5 mos & 1 week constipated when eating solid food

    hi there. my issue started when 5 mos old daughter had a problem with nanny. she refuses to drink formula while i'm working. it even happened that her last feed was before i left home then until i came back after 6 hrs she did not drink milk at all. screaming (hungry), not able to sleep, crying a lot. when she saw me she immediately call me mama, suck my breast with my shirt(very hungry). even the way she nursed, she nursed as fast as she could. it broke my heart

    the next day with the same scenario, it was a busy week at school so im not able to pump while working so i was thinking of a solution for my LO. i bought potatoes and carrots, steamed and blend ,mix with formula and she likes it. the next day i found out that her poop was so hard, harder than a peanut butter, there was even a blood with her poop. so i stop giving her solid food but we feel pity for her since she cry whenever we eat, she really undestand that we are eating and feel bad because we dont give her.

    so here are my questions;

    1. do i need to give her again solids? now that nanny can manage giving her formula but with different tricks like giving her when she's sleepy.
    2. is it true that carrots and some other veggies are not advisable to give for babies because of nitrates content on it?
    3. she is now 8kls weight & 67cm height, is this normal for her age 5 mos & 3 weeks? she consume now 3 4oz formula while im working and BF whenever im home. have 5 wet diapers in 24hrs.

    thanks a lot, any input will be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: 5 mos & 1 week constipated when eating solid food

    1. Solids should be introduced starting at 6 months. Until then, it's breastmilk or formula only.

    2. It depends. Root vegetables (e.g. carrots) and leaf crops (e.g. spinach, kale) sometimes have high nitrate contents, depending on where they are grown. Well water can also be a significant source of nitrate, particularly in agricultural areas.

    3. 8 kg puts your baby between the 75th and 90th percentiles on this weight for age chart: http://kellymom.com/images/growth/growthcharts.gif

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