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Thread: Low milk supply; baby prefers one breast

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    Default Low milk supply; baby prefers one breast

    I am exclusively breastfeeding my 16 week old baby boy. He has only gained about 1lbs per month since his birth so I try to be in tune with his eating habits. After his 3 month growth spurt where he would nurse constantly from both breasts, about 2 weeks ago he started preferring my left. At first I could get him to nurse on my right, but recently he pretty much rejects it all together. I offer my right to him first, but he won't latch. The only time he latches is at night or when super drowsy before/after naps. When he does latch, he nurses for only 2-4 minutes before wanting the other side. My supply is quickly drying up so I have been pumping -- the most i can get is 1 oz when pumping and most of the time it is a half of oz (I have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced). I feel like my left breast might not be able to support his entire eating which scares me considering he struggles putting on weight. Any suggestions on how to get the baby to nurse on the recently rejected right side and how to increase supply to both breasts? Thanks!

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    Sorry we didn't get to your out earlier. How are things going now, mama?

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