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Thread: Poor sleep and fussiness

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    Default Poor sleep and fussiness

    Our son is now for months old. His weight has always been good (though he is being weighed for the first time in 6/7 weeks next Tues so this may have changed), and nappy output is fine. He's exclusively breastfed.

    Until 6/7 weeks old he had settled into a fairly consistent sleep pattern- sleep by 9.30pm, wake between 2.30-3.00 for 1st feed, between 5.30-6.00 for 2nd feed, then up at 8am. Since then, his sleep has got gradually worse, and now we are waking on average 5 times each night, though not always for feeds.

    We started co-sleeping when he was about 10 weeks old- after reading 'The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' we felt this matched how we wanted to parent best. At first this was great as he would only wake me to latch, then we'd both fall asleep peacefully, but more recently he won't latch on that easily.

    The biggest problem is his night kicking/hitting/fidgeting, which wakes him and us up, whether he's co-sleeping or in his cot. He acts windy and passes some wind before settling again, but nothing we've tried has helped. Sometimes he will cry, but mostly he's unsettled for anything from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes.

    We've tried:
    Infacol before bed and winding after his bedtime feed.
    Winding after night feeds- he resists this and cries.
    Baby massage close to bed time.
    Leg pumping/bicycle legs before bed and in the night.
    Sleeping next to Dad in case the my milk smell wakes him. Dad could sleep through the kicking, etc., but now our baby cries if he sleeps anywhere but next to me.
    Warm baths.
    I've reduced dairy in my diet, but with no noticeable effect.

    He has also now started waking at 6.30 and refusing to go back to sleep.

    He is so tired in the day that he needs really frequent naps, but will rarely nap for longer than 30 mins. By the evenings he is really fractious, and during the day he needs more and more contact (e.g. won't be put down to play, or for a change of nappy).

    He has also been feeding fussily for the last couple of weeks, and will rarely stay latched on unless i feed lying down. he comes on and off the breast a lot, so it's hard to tell when he's finished feeding.

    Friends keep telling me we should stop co-sleeping and that a formula bottle before bed will help him sleep, but we don't want to stop co-sleeping or to introduce formula. other people say he's ready for weaning.

    I don't clock watch at night, and he isn't on a feeding or nap schedule.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're all so tired.

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    Default Re: Poor sleep and fussiness

    Does baby refuse to nurse when he is waking at these times?

    I know you posted in another thread, and I think the advice in that thread is pretty much applicable here. I will also say that your friends are wrong that a bottle of formula at bedtime will improve his sleep. There is no evidence to suggest that formula OR early solids introduction, for that matter, do anything at all to improve sleep.

    Four months is a notoriously difficult time for babies...hopefully this will pass soon. If it does not, as the mom of a very frequent night waking baby, I can provide some support in the form of commiseration!
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    Default Re: Poor sleep and fussiness


    Thankyou for you reply.

    I have read 4 months can be tough, so maybe his age is prolonging what was already becoming a problem as he has woken frequently since about 6/7 weeks old.

    I would say that out of an average 5 wake-ups each night, he'll feed and sleep twice, settle if i offer the breast and sleep once or twice, and refuse the breast for ages at least once then settle feeding/sucking and sleep.

    I think i am resigned to the fact he will be a frequent waker. some people have recommended gro-bags/baby sleeping bags to reduce the kicking- any experience of these? i was concerned they would restrict his development as i guess at this age he is also practicing new skills in the night too!

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    Default Re: Poor sleep and fussiness

    I personally bedshare, so my daughter has always been dressed lightly for sleep. I have never used the sleep sacks myself!
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    I am having same struggle with my baby boy, we have always slept together, is EBF and is four months. At two months of age he was sleeping 8 hours. Back in December he started waking more and more. i was hoping for just a phase but it looks like it is becoming habit. Now some nights he can wake every hour. He is gases for some of those wakings. I with actually lift his legs and push on his tummy with his legs. He usually has one or two or four in there. And after that he will settle back to sleep for a bit. Right now I'm trying to wake him when he stirs to feed so he gets full instead of just sucking a little for comfort and going back to sleep. He seems to be waking a lot for comfort and I'm struggling with how to deal with that. Part of me feels that I want to be there for my son no matter what the hour. The other part feels like I may be creating a monster Having him wake every hour to make sure I'm there. Stuck in the middle. Let me know if you find relief.

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