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Thread: Decreased appetite?

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    Default Decreased appetite?

    My son is 5 weeks old. For the past few days when I drop him off at my parent's during the day so I can work he has only been eating 6-7 oz of expressed milk. Today he has only had 2 oz from between 8am-1pm We were together yesterday and he nursed normally throughout the day. Is it normal for a baby to eat a lot less when away from their mother or should I be concerned? He does have thrush though so maybe it is due to that?
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    I think that it can be normal. I've been told that I could nurse DD3 (she is weaned now) and then leave her for a few hours and she didn't need a bottle or anything and she could just nurse when I got home. I wasn't personally comfortable leaving her without some way to eat I was a first time BFing mom I personally wouldn't worry to much if he is acting healthy and happy, but sometimes I get paranoid and I would call the doctor to make sure.

    To me it sounds normal, especially if you are BFing before you drop him off and right after picking him up. If you nursed him then dropped him off at 8 then within the 5 hours he had 2 ounces and then nursed when you picked him up, that sounds normal to me...
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