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Thread: Supply issues with working full time.

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    Unhappy Supply issues with working full time.

    I am having supply issues, at first I was able to keep up with my duaghter Kimber ( who is 11weeks old now) and did not need to suppliment her with bottles. A few weeks after I had her I got sick and I noticed a severe dip in my supply. Now I am only producing about 1/5 th an oz every two hours, and she is eating about 4-6oz every two to three hours. So I know I am not able to keep up with her. I started a new routine when I returned to work. When I am home with her I am able to nurse her before she gets a bottle she will nurse on each side for about 30-45 min then she gets a bottle. Then I will maually pump for another 30-45 min after. I noticed thorugh that when I use my hand pump or my electric pump I dont pull any milk, but can only get a small amount when I do it myself.
    I am drinking 84oz of water a day, and am taking fenugreek 3 times a day 3 tablets each. Also I am drinking 2 cups of mothers milk tea every day.
    When I am at work becuase I do not have 45 min to myself every two hours to pump myslef I have brought my electric pump with me and I pump each side for an hour and just rotate through the night. I am worried though because I have been doing this for about 4 days now and I have not seen a change at all. I know this does not ahppen instantly but I though by now I would have at least seen a little change.
    Is it still stimulating when I am at work using my electric pump even though I am not pulling any milk, or am I just annoying myslef by listening to my pump for ten hours straight???
    Any advice would really help, my family is making me feel like I am failing already at being a mother because I am not exclusivly BF my daughter. I wish I could be but right now it is just not happening.

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    Default Re: Supply issues with working full time.

    s You are not failing at being a mother!

    I have a few questions for you, just so that we can better understand the situation here:
    1) What kind of electric pump are you using? Are you saying you do not respond at all to the electric pump, but DO respond to a manual?
    2) How often are you pumping at work? Are you saying that you are pumping continuously for 10 hours? You also say you don't have 45 mins to yourself every two hours, so I'm not sure I'm understanding where/how you are currently pumping.
    3) Baby is getting supplemental bottles while you are together? How much is the supplement, and for how long has she been receiving it? Why did the at home supplementing begin?
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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