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Thread: I need help weaning my 18 mo. old

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    I have done all my research and read my WAoBF. I have tried the don't offer don't refuse and it all just doesn't seem to work with my DD. She is obsessed with my boobs! Literally! She constantly has her hand in my shirt or the shirts of others, when in mine she is constantly searching for my nipples and playing with them. This gets pretty annoying when out in public. When she has her hand in others' shirts (even men she's comfortable with) she is just hanging out, not searching for nipples. She nurses to sleep, naps included, whenever I'm around. She will wake 3-4 times at night for a nurse session. She even recently has demanding a new nursing spot and is now refusing to nurse in our glider in her bedroom, she is currently preferring the stationary chair in my bedroom. I am newly pregnant and for personal reasons I am choosing not to tandem. I know that DD will take quiet some time to wean so I wanted to start the process not to eliminate any set back once/if the baby finally arrives. I am currently 10 weeks.
    I'm just at a loss. Please any advice would help.

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    I would start by setting limits. How is her language? Could you start by avoiding the behavior out in public by making it something you only do at home? That is where we began. And from there we moved into a space where we were OUT more than in so it wasn't and issue for large parts of the day and then the next step was to begin limiting in the house. So after the "only at home" rule was being practiced and respected, then we did polite asking. So that eliminated hands down the shirt altogether. And we go to a space where he would ask and I would say "in a minute" or "when I am done with this" and he knew to go sit on the couch and wait for me. These limits really helped set the tone about it being a relationship between the two of us and not all about him all the time. And then we got these all down (after two) we moved to only in bed. So that took to only naps and Am and PM feeds. So hopefully this is enough to start the carve out limits. Which is where to begin on the gradual weaning. Good Luck!

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    Limits is where it's at when nursing an older baby. You don't want her spelunking for your nipples in public? Tell her not to grab you and redirect her hands to a toy or some piece of skin that is not off-limits (elbows and earlobes are good substitutes). Wear a shirt with a high neckline that keeps her hands out (turtlenecks are good). If she gropes you, put her down.

    Limits will be useful when it comes to delaying a nursing session, but when it comes to eliminating sessions you need some more tricks. Like getting someone else- maybe daddy, or grandma- to put your baby down for a nap or for bedtime. Or enlisting the stroller or the car to get your baby to sleep. And, of course, you have to be willing to hold the line. If she's crying to nurse in the middle of the night, you have to be willing to offer her every comfort measure in the book- love, cuddles, back rubs, lullabies, sippy cups- but not nurse.

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    Another thing--she may wean on her own during your pregnancy as your milk supply will probably diminish or vanish as you get further along (usually by 20ish weeks, I think?). That's how a lot of toddlers wean, when their moms get pregnant again and the milk goes away.
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