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Thread: Weaning 19 mo; 2.5 mos pregnant

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    Default Weaning 19 mo; 2.5 mos pregnant


    I have a 19 mo little boy who loves to nurse. We have gradually worked down to ~3 nursing per 24 hours. He doesn't nurse before bed. He ALWAYS wakes around 4-5am and is desperate for nursing. He isn't hungry (at least doesn't need calories) as he has an overnight g-tube feed due to a chronic lung disease.

    He also nurses once or twice during the day, usually before his nap, sometimes after it as well.

    He always ask to nurse if he is hungry, if he falls and gets hurt or is upset about something.

    He really likes it. But I think it would be good to wean him soon as we have some trips planned in the next couple months.

    I will be away for 2.5 days in two weeks, since I'm only nursing 2-4 times a day, can I do "cold turkey" or do I need to decrease amount of nursing first?

    Also, what is the immunity benefit of nursing when he is only doing it for a few nursings? If significant, I may wait until the worst of virus season is over. The last thing I need is him in the hospital with RSV or something like that again.

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    Default Re: Weaning 19 mo; 2.5 mos pregnant

    Aside from the travel you have planned, is there any reason why you want to wean? It's fine if you do- I just personally think travel isn't a good reason to wean. Quite the opposite, in fact, because nursing can be a great way to ease a child through the stresses of travel or to reconnect with your child when you get home.

    I don't think anyone has really quantified how much immunological benefit a child is likely to receive from x number of nursing sessions at x years. But it is known that as breastmilk quantity decreases, composition changes to become more like colostrum, i.e. increased concentration of immune support factors like lactoferrin. So as you wean, your milk is probably giving your toddler one last super-concentrated shot of immune support.

    If you decide to wean completely, I think the conservative course of action would be to wean gradually. 4 nursing sessions per day is a lot to drop at once, but 1-2 is generally quite doable. Nevertheless, take your pump with you on the trip! I'm sure you're tired of it, but you don't want to get overfull and uncomfortable, or engorged, or end up with mastitis, and also be far from home and your own doctor.

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