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    I have been trying to use a Medela pump but was having difficulty, thought it may be a sizing issue so got a small but it still hurts and my nipple rubs inside. Anyone have any clue of how to measure for the correct size?! Thanks

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    Here is a guide on the Medela website. In my experience I had to buy a couple of different sizes and try them out because my breast shape didn't particularly look like any of the pictures. In the end I had to use two different sizes for my two different breasts. The overall goal is to have all of your nipple pulled into the narrow part of the flange, without rubbing/pain, and with as little of your non-nipple skin pulled in as possible. If the nipple is rubbing with the small, then it is probably too small.

    I have never tried their Comfort Breastshield, maybe it would work for you?
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