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Thread: Pumping and swimming

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    Default Pumping and swimming

    As in, swimming in water.
    We are taking our twins to a baby swim class starting Sunday and I'm wondering if anybody else has ever gone swimming while still pumping (or breastfeeding for that matter)?

    Will I leak? If so, what can I put in my swim suit to stop leaking? Or will I just end up with milk in the pool? Ugh!!

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    Default Re: Pumping and swimming

    I have never leaked while swimming. I mean, not that i know of, it's all pretty wet in there!

    I have nursed in a pool...my daughter is always extremely eager to nurse if we are in the water together.
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    Default Re: Pumping and swimming

    I went swimming plenty while breastfeeding. I never had any issues with it. I actually found a bathing suit to be an easy piece of clothing to nurse in Just push the cup down a bit and pop baby on.

    I guess if you leak a lot normally, you probably would expect that could happen. Does it really matter if a tiny bit of milk gets in the pool? I wouldn't really care. I don't think anyone would see it. And your top will already be wet so it's not like a damp spot would stand out

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    Default Re: Pumping and swimming

    I started taking my baby in the pool at 3months. I was definitely still nursing. I never even thought about this or noticed it because I was all wet.

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    Default Re: Pumping and swimming

    Haha, I went swimming all the time when I was BFing/pumping and this never even crossed my mind. I probably left some milk in the pool, but heck, kids pee in there, so who cares. Don't worry about it and have fun!
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