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Thread: 3 Weeks Post-Frenectomy and Still Pain with Nursing

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    Default 3 Weeks Post-Frenectomy and Still Pain with Nursing

    Looking to hear others' experiences with nursing after a newborn frenectomy. My now almost 6 week old was born with a pretty significant tongue tie and as a result, nursing was very painful (beyond those first few weeks of adjustment) and his weight gain was affected. After several consults with a lactation consultant and our pediatrician, we decided to have his frenulum clipped at almost 3 weeks (done in office by a pediatric ENT).

    I have been told that while experiences vary, many newborns are able to get the hang of nursing right away after the procedure. Others take time, I know. However, we are now almost 3 weeks out and nursing is still pretty painful despite our attempts to help our son get the hang of it with mouth/tongue strengthening exercises our lactation consultant and OT have prescribed. Baby is still causing creasing in both nipples. To compensate, I am pumping every other feed and bottle feeding.

    I am wondering if any others out there have experience with nursing a newborn post-frenectomy? How long did it take your baby to nurse pain-free? Are there other anatomical considerations I should look into? This is my third child so I am not new to breast feeding by any means and have successfully worked through other BF issues (latching issues and sleepy baby syndrome!) in the past with my other children.

    Any support, insight, ideas are appreciated.

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    Default Re: 3 Weeks Post-Frenectomy and Still Pain with Nursing

    Welcome to the forum!

    My first daughter has a lip tie and probably had a posterior tongue tie when she was an infant. Neither were ever diagnosed- well, the lip tie was finally diagnosed by her dentist, at age 7!- or corrected, and she caused me significant nipple pain and trauma for her first 4.5 months of life. But eventually she and her mouth grew enough that she was able to nurse without me having to pump or supplement, and without causing me pain or damage. It just took time.

    If it were me, I personally would want to make sure my baby didn't have additional ties (like lip) and that the tongue tie was clipped enough. Other than that, I think I'd be summoning all my patience.

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    Much sympathy! I am going through a very similar situation (you can check my most recent post). We're revisiting our ENT tomorrow. He did not initially send us home with any exercises, but I will report back with his recommendations. "Summoning all my patience" sure describes my situation right now, so I wish you all the emotional fortitude you can muster!

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