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Thread: Nursing babies with a URI

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    Default Nursing babies with a URI

    Hi all, my kiddo has whatever URI my toddler had last week, and it isn't pretty. She's super congested which makes nursing really difficult for her, and she has a cough which has caused her to vomit a few times (actually vomit, not spit up). She has a hard time getting a good latch since her nostrils are so stuffed up. Despite this, she still seems to be getting enough milk to stay hydrated, which at this point is all I care about. She's obviously uncomfortable, but her breathing is stable, she's easily aroused, and she does not have a fever, so no need to see a doctor right now.

    However, she is still nursing less than usual. I've been very engorged for the last two days, and I've been pumping a little to compensate but I'm concerned about doing two things:

    1. I have a history of OS from pumping, and I don't know how to gauge how much pumping is too much while she isn't eating, since I don't know how many ounces she's taken at a feed and how many ounces she usually eats a day. I don't want to make this problem worse.

    2. I think I have a relatively high breast storage capacity, but for those times when I do get engorged I'm concerned that this will tell my body that she doesn't need as much and will down-regulate. So then I want to pump, which brings me to issue #1.

    I've been using saline drops and my NoseFrida to suction her before feeding to help, and I try to keep her as upright as possible right now, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against the snot so we are just going to have to wait it out.

    What (else) should I do? I've never nursed a sick baby like this before
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    Default Re: Nursing babies with a URI

    You probably don't need to pump. Your baby is nursing and isn't that sick, so she should be able to maintain supply for now. If your supply goes down, she will be able to increase it with more nursing once she feels better. But if you want to pump, I'd keep it pretty minimal. If baby doesn't nurse well and you're engorged, pump out an ounce or two, max, and keep a careful eye on your supply. If you feel like you're encouraging an oversupply to develop, it's time to throttle back on the pumping.

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