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Thread: HELP 8 weeks old and still extreme painful let and....

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    Default HELP 8 weeks old and still extreme painful let and....

    hey there,

    could anyone please help me. this is my third baby to ebf. so you would think i would know what to do but...
    i have extremely painful forceful letdowns (brings tears to my eyes) mostly just on the right side along with regular engorgement there too. i am getting blocked ducks and tender areas on this breast too. so i am trying to feed at the correct position to drain the area along with bending over and letting my breasts hang to help with drainage.
    i would love to not wear a bra during the day but the amount of leakage is unreal. i would say i would have an over supply too

    I am only over mastitis on the left side - which i retreated to my bed and let baby boy do what he needed to do, which was to help make me better. turned out i had a blocked nipple. and sorted that out in the hot shower. since then left side has been more "normal" and not like the right side.

    anyway, my right side is killing me. and now starting to make it an unhappy experience. please help me it's kinda like i am constantly fighting the coming on of mastiis on the right.

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    Default Re: HELP 8 weeks old and still extreme painful let and....

    Welcome to the forum!

    It's tough to balance oversupply and mastitis, because the treatments work against each other. In order to get supply to go down, you want to leave milk sitting in the breast as much as possible. In order to treat mastitis, you want to keep the breast as thoroughly drained as possible.

    It's important to treat mastitis first and oversupply second, so if you feel like you have mastitis on the right you have to keep emptying that side out, allowing the baby to nurse there as much as possible. But once you feel like you've cleared the mastitis out, then you can start treating the oversupply by allowing the right to stay as full as possible for as long as possible. The fullness will signal your body to reduce supply on the right.

    Basically, I think you need to give this time and be very patient. I'd also go braless as much as possible, and wear a very well-fitted, underwire-free nursing bra when you can't go without. You don't want to give yourself any plugged ducts from a poorly fitting bra.

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    Default Re: HELP 8 weeks old and still extreme painful let and....

    thank you for the reply. i will do my best to get rid of the spikey tenderness and then go from there. it is starting to soften up already. but bubs has to feed from me in an upside down position so that he can drain right where needed. it's awkward but working.

    Thanks again Mommal

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