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Thread: Relactation after 4 months

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    I have a 9 month old that was EBF until 5 and a half months. I didn't have any real problems breastfeeding after a few weeks, and the only issue I had was over overabundance. I have another son and am a huge advocate of breast feeding. My other boy had a feed at night until 17 months.

    My baby has been extremely unsettled with colic and acid reflux and after medications and investigations I was told he may have a dairy intolerance (cows milk protein intolerance). He is up all night with stomach pains/trapped wind and is always constipated. As I am vegetarian and was losing lots of weight feeding my baby I decided to put him on a special formula as cutting out dairy would have pushed me over the edge as I am up all night with him too. I was so upset the day I stopped feeding him and had to block what was happening out of my mind in the hope what i was doing him was best for him in the long run. When I see mothers breast feeding it makes me want to cry and fills me with envy.

    He continues with his stomach cramps and other symptoms so I don't think he has the intolerance after 4 months on the formula. I want to start trying to feed him again and have bought a medela freestyle double pump. I have pumped 4 times for 15 mins in 24 hours and started getting thick yellow drops of milk. Is this hopeful? I am not sure he would go back to the breast again but any advice would be very appreciated.

    He has had lots of bugs etc since I stopped feeding him and want to be able to provide antibodies again and do the best for him.

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    getting thick yellow drops of milk. Is this hopeful?
    yes, very. You are making milk, which means you are lactating. The fact you nursed for so long typically makes relactation more possible.

    How much you will ultimately make and whether it is enough to stop all formula is anyone’s guess, but any amount of your milk is good for baby.

    i would suggest, keep pumping as frequently as you can, add hand expression to see if that helps, and start offering the breast as much as you like.

    Babies can be brought back to the breast after months of not nursing. So if you want to try that, great. If not, your milk can be given to baby with bottle or cup.

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    This link has a lot of useful techniques for getting a previously weaned baby back to the breast: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/.

    I just want to encourage you and to say that what you want is possible! You still have milk, and that's a huge head start in the relactation game. But even if you were completely dry, relactation is possible. My mom managed to relactate after 3 months of not nursing and not pumping. She just started putting my little sister to the breast, and within a few months she was able to completely drop the formula, and went on to nurse my sister until 18 months.

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    Thanks so much for your replies. I will keep trying, it's hard with a baby and a four year old trying to fit in the pumping regularly. I really want to do it though and your encouragement has helped a lot especially that the liquid means I am already lactating!
    Thanks again x

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