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Thread: 2.5-week old, breastfeeding challenges, would love support

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    Thanks again for the responses and sorry for the silence on the line - have been pretty overwhelmed with all this feeding stuff. We're doing a little better--using less supplement than we were (now only supplementing in half of feedings or less), but still having the challenge of getting baby to suck long enough at breast (without SNS) to get a real feeding. I've now had multiple 1-1.5 hour nursing sessions that seemed OK (not great, but OK), meaning that she sucks for a few minutes at a time every few minutes, but when I finally take her off the breast she still seems very hungry--makes mouth and tongue gestures and cries inconsolably. So, that's frustrating given how much time I am trying to spend nursing - to then have to give her a supplement

    Her weight gain is good but I still really want to quit the supplements - I have tried BFing all day and only supplementing at night, but that only works when she is satisfied after a breastfeed and that is pretty rare. So, I'm still not sure if this is a sleepy baby issue or a supply issue or a combination of the two, which may be working in a vicious cycle.

    I was breastfed, to answer your question - my mother said she didn't supplement and that I simply slept long stretches between feedings. I do notice, though, that my daughter only really does that when we have supplemented - when it's just a feeding at the breast with no supplement she will hardly sleep at all, i think because she's just not getting enough to be satisfied. So frustrating! But I'm still trying to relax and be optimistic that this will all get easier.

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    I just wanted to add my experiece similar to yours. I had my lo 12-17, so shes just over 3 weeks old. We had an all natural birth at a birthing center. She refused to latch even after 6 hours. We went home and kept trying. I fed her a bit of formula that night through a dropper and the following day also. she wouldnt latch at all. i would try and she would just get angry and cry at my nipple. I was devastated but kept trying. My ped told me I had to supplement because she was born at 7 15 and dropped to 6 11 after a week. I could only pump an ounce at a time every 4 hours. i am taking fenugreek drinking the tea and just started the cookies to help my supply. Finally I want and bought the medela calma nipple which is a vaccuum sealed nipple. They have to suck to get anything out. I got that on Thursday night. Saturday night she finally latched, not great but she did. We kept on and she got better each day. Now at 23 days we only have to supplement maybe once a day if she just isnt completely satisfied. The calma nipple taught her how to suck properly. She just didnt know how.
    I understand your frustration....I cried every day that first week. It is very disheartening, but it does get better! I felt my body had turned against me, and I wanted to give up! Thankfully my mom was staying with me and wouldnt allow me to. I am so glad she did that or I would have a happily breastfed baby in my lap right now! I hope it has continued to get better.

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