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Thread: Baby cries only with me

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    Default Baby cries only with me

    This isn't about breastfeeding but I did not know who else to talk to. My baby cries only with me and as soon as my Dh or mil take him he calms down. He is a fussy nurser and we are working on it, but his crying is not just while feeding. When I pick him up he cries but if he is playing in his crib or activity gym he coos and smiles at me. He enjoys when I give him a massage. Am I holding him wrong or is it something to do with our nursing issues.

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    I have heard moms express this concern before- Maybe sometimes babies cry more on mom because they feel safest with mom. They are secure that mom is going to love them even when they cry.

    How do you hold your baby? Some babies like to be up high, or in motion, so will cry when given to someone who is sitting down or being still.

    Are feedings very stressful for you? Could you feel stressed out holding baby even if you are not planning to nurse at the moment? of course if baby is crying and you feel you cannot comfort baby that is stressful to. But baby's do need to cry sometimes.

    nursing strikes can be caused by mom changing her perfume, soap or deodorant. Any possiblity something you are wearing irritates baby?

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    I think babies cry with their moms because they want her attention more than anyone else's. They are instinctively driven to extract maximum cuddles, maximum love, and maximum nursing from her.

    A lot of moms complain that their babies never want to just cuddle with them- they're always crying to nurse, as well. I found that to be true of my kids. If I was holding them, they wanted to nurse. It made sense to me because I figured that my babies knew that I had more to give than just cuddles.

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