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Thread: Sleep Deprivation - Need Advice - Please Help

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    Is your daughter gaining weight appropriately? Is it possible that your supply is low? In the first few weeks, I thought my daughter was "cluster feeding" because she fed for 2-3 hours straight, with only small, 10-20 minute cat naps in between latches. At 2 weeks, she hadn't regained her weight and we found out that she was tongue tied and I had low supply as a result of her poor latch. Just a thought.

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    I hope it is ok to post a reminder that everyone is welcome to participate in these discussions and each participant is welcome to take the suggestions that might work for them, and leave aside those that do not, entirely as they choose. A suggestion that may not work at all for one mom may be exactly what another mom needs.

    Here on this forum we are discussing topics that are vitally important- topics that go to the heart of our experience as mothers, and that involve the health and welfare of our babies, our families, and ourselves-and our circumstances are very individual. So we are going to have disagreements and we are going to be passionate. Let’s try to remain respectful of others in both content and tone, and remember that understanding one another in an online forum can be more difficult than in person. Hopefully among all the voices each mom finds some that help her in that moment.

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    I was given the nipple shield at the hospital because my nipples needed to be extended a little. I was told I could use it for a few days or a week, and then I would need to try stopping. I ended up using it for three months. It seemed like a long time. I was in the bathtub one day and noticed that they were sticking out a little bit more, so I decided to be brave and try it without the shield. My baby wasn't happy at first, but I was able to get him to latch on. We went on to another eleven months of happy breastfeeding. Hope this helps a little. Hang in there.

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