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Thread: 14 month old throwing up after breast feeding

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    Default 14 month old throwing up after breast feeding

    My son is 14 months old and until a couple days ago was nursing three times a day: upon waking up in the morning, before naptime, and before bedtime. A couple weeks ago he started throwing up, almost exclusively at night but sometimes when he first woke up. At first we assumed it was a virus, but it kept going on and on. A pediatrician suggested that it was reflux and that we shouldn't give him any food before bed. I cut the bedtime nursing and the vomiting at night stopped. However, he continues to throw up in the morning, always within half an hour of nursing. He's never thrown up after his midday nursing session.

    Is it possible that he's grown sensitive to breast milk? My diet hasn't changed at all. Or maybe he can't tolerate that much liquid in his stomach? Any ideas or experience with this?

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    As a toddler my middle child did this every morning. He loved to nurse lots in bed, and he would nurse and nurse, and then blurb.
    He also had an overall sensitive tummy, and would fairly frequently blurb other times, like if he smelled something he did not like.
    He also had a hard time with eating solids and really did not eat much until he was 18 months or so. He was just an overall gaggy kid.

    Since what usually came up was so obviously breastmilk, (my son nursed much more often than yours does) my husband thought it must be the milk and asked our pediatrician about it. Doctor said son was otherwise entirely healthy and growing like a moose so not to worry, some kids are just like this and he would outgrow it. And he did, for the most part. He is now almost 10 and still sometimes gets a little nauseous in the morning if he is awake too long without eating. So I do think it had something to do with tummy being not exactly empty, but not with solids in it...possibly? But again there really was not a problem that was causing any health issue. It was never really the kind of throwing up one does when they are sick, it was more like spitup, but toddler style.
    Neither of my other children did this, yet they had similar nursing habits.

    Doctor did suggest giving him some crackers first thing in the morning, but that never helped anything.
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