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Thread: Milk blister that won't go away?

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    Default Milk blister that won't go away?

    I've had a milk blister for nearly two weeks now. I've tried steaming it, massaging it, dunking it in epsom salt and hot water, putting coconut oil on it to soften it, rubbing a hot towel across it to break it open and even tried lancing the skin with a sterile needle. I've pumped it as much as I can as well. Nothing seems to be clearing it out. I haven't nursed on it for a few days because it's painful, so I've been pumping and bottle-feeding and feeding from my other breast. Has anyone had a milk blister that's stuck around this long? It doesn't seem to be getting worse, but it's not getting any better either so I'm beginning to worry. Should I bite the bullet and nurse on it? Will that remedy the issue? Should I consider seeing a physician, or is this treatable without having to go in? If I see a medical professional, should I be seeing an OBGYN or my midwife or a general physician for something like this? I'm not showing any signs of infection or any further issues. I've been keeping the area really clean and tending to it constantly. It's starting to drive me nuts and I just want to go back to breastfeeding.

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    Milk blisters can be extremely long-lasting, and 2 weeks isn't out of the ballpark. When you lanced the skin with the sterile needle, were you able to get any milk out of the area? Is there a blocked duct behind the blister?

    Nursing on the blistered side is definitely something you want to do, if you can stand it. The baby's suction may break what even a needle cannot. I strongly suggest varying your nursing position, so that the baby's mouth falls in a different orientation.

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    This is an old thread but I've had a milk blister for a while that won't clear either. I get just enough milk past it that I don't have a clogged duct in the sense of pain (from milk buildup) etc but nursing does hurt. I have a 4 week post partum/op appointment this week and hopefully she (ob) can lance it and help me enjoy nursing fully again

    To the original poster: did you ever find something to help yours? What did you do?

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    I don't know if the OP ever figured out her issue or not, but I just want to encourage you to handle the blister yourself if you come to to the conclusion that it needs to be lanced. No-one is better equipped than you to break this blister, and I mean NO-ONE, including your doctor. You can feel the moment you have gone too far with the needle. Your doctor can't!

    Tips for nipple blisters:
    - Moist heat- soak the affected area in warm water, take a good shower
    - Keep a cotton ball soaked in olive oil tucked in your nursing bra to soften the skin
    - Vary the baby's nursing position- hopefully that will break the blster
    - If the above do not result in increased flow, break the blister with a sterile needle. Wash your hands well using soap and hot water. Then take a needle and flame it until the tip is red hot. When it has cooled, pick gently at the blistered area, checking frequently to see if you are getting increased milk flow. Once milk flow is restored, you can dab a bit of bacitracin antibiotic ointment on the blistered area to deal with any bacteria that might be trying to get in.

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