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Thread: Anything natural to increase milk

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    My 2 mo has been eating 3 oz every 2 hours ever since I have gone back to work. Pumping is going well, I also nurse in the morning and at night. The last 3-4 days he seems unsatisfied with 3 oz so I upped him to 4. But I'm only getting 2 oz when I pump every 2-3 hours. I am home on break, and concerned I won't have enough milk when I return to work. Is there anything I can take or do that is natural to increase my supply. I don't really want to take a "medicine". I nurse or pump every chance I get, I eat oatmeal every morning, I've drank the mothers milk tea. Nothing seems to help increase. In fact sometimes I'm lucky to get an ounce. I haven't tried fenugreek yet, not sure if I should. He latches fine and seems satisfied when I nurse, but I'll be going back to working 9-10 hour days in a week.

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    What sort of pump do you have?

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    Brown rice may also help but yes the kind of pump, its condition and fit are critically important.
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    I have a Medela Pump In Style Breastpump, I have just changed the membranes and changed from 24 mm shields to 27.

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    4 oz every two hours is a bit high--that's 2 oz/hr, which is above the usual intake of 1-1.5 oz per hour of separation. Is your care provider doing paced feedings? Maybe baby wants more frequent feedings, and isn't necessarily hungry for more milk, just more feeding opportunities? My baby actually did best with very frequent 2 oz portions.

    I know well the struggle of low end pump output. I had to pump every two hours at work. Three hours was too long an interval for me. Can you add a workday pump in? I think that might help tremendously. That, and keeping baby's feedings at a reasonable intake, of course. I could never, ever have kept up with 2 oz per separated hour volumes of milk.

    Also, is baby nursing overnight? Any long stretches without milk removal?
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