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Thread: Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

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    Default Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

    Can anyone help me with this. My little boy is 7 months and I started feeding him solids around 6 months. I'm doing a combination of baby led and spoon feeding so some meals are spoon and some I'm encouraging him to eat himself. I was told by my healthcare nurse to feed him milk now after his food but everything I read about continuing breastfeeding said to give the breast first and then the solid food??? So yet again I am not listening to the nurse and doing it my own way. HOWEVER!!! Little Oscar now has decided himself that he wants food and then milk No matter how hard I try he just gets frustrated with me and won't drink until he's had his grub. He has 2 teeth on The bottom and he has bit me twice with temper.(Thankfully there very small baby teeth).

    Has anyone else had this happen? Will it make a difference if he gets his food first and then milk? I'm back at work since he was 3 months and pump 3 times a day as he drinks 3 x 8oz bottles while he's being cared for. Plus 1 feed in the morning which I give him and 1 feed before bed.

    I want to feed him until he's 18 months and I don't want my supply to diminish.

    Any advise?


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    Default Re: Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

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    Default Re: Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

    The one piece that jumps out at me first is the size of the bottles-- those are some pretty large bottles! The typical recommendation is 1 to 1.5 ounces of breastmilk per hour of separation. How long are you separated from Oscar during a typical work day? If it is a nine hour separation, that would be anywhere from 9 to 13.5 ounces total. The large amount that he is getting via bottle, plus solids, could mean that he is just not super hungry when he gets home, and so doesn't have that as a motivator to nurse. Also, it seems from your description that he could be sleeping through the night and not waking to nurse? Which would mean that there is just the two opportunities on a typical work day? I wonder if it might be worth considering reducing the number of solids meals (maybe down to 2 rather than 3?), and also reducing the size of the bottles to perhaps 4 ounces, and just having the care provider provide them more frequently-- and in a "paced feeding" manner!-- if he seems to need more.

    Is baby being cue fed while at home?

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    Default Re: Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

    I would consider dropping spoon feeding and allowing baby to self feed often called 'baby led weaning' or 'baby led solids' so that he isn't too full for milk

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