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Thread: 3 Month Old Refuses to Nurse in Cradle Hold

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    Default 3 Month Old Refuses to Nurse in Cradle Hold

    My 14 week old boy has always nursed phenomenally: any hold, both sides, all times of day, no matter the circumstance. The last three times I have tried to feed him in the cradle hold he has refused the breast and cried. Once was in a restaurant, once at my in law's, and once at home. At my MIL's and my house I immediately took him to the bedroom and laid down in the bed and he nursed without protest.

    We haven't changed anything in our routine and I haven't held him any differently that I've noticed. This will really put a kink in nursing while we're out and about, is there anything I can do or are there any reasons for him to suddenly reject this hold? It was such a sudden rejection, I'm at a loss

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: 3 Month Old Refuses to Nurse in Cradle Hold

    Hi and welcome! So nursing behavior around this age can get hinky for several reasons. So I wonder if part of what is going on may be distractibility? But it sounds as if you have pinpointed that baby protests due to a specific positioning. Cradle hold can tend to be the most constrictive nursing position so baby may protest when baby gets a little bigger, longer.

    Have you tried laid back nursing? This position is often depicted wiht mom laying on a bed or couch but it is NOT limited to that at all! Mom can be just slightly reclined and baby in any position. I can and have done this sitting in a restaurant chair & the like. Moms do this position at my meeting all the time in folding chairs.

    When you lean back a bit, it opens up your body so there is more room to shift baby around so you can bring baby to the breast from a different angle and angle baby's body so he has more room. Just as with the cradle hold, baby's whole body should (generally) face into you, but you change his angle as it lays across your body so there is more room for the growing baby.

    This video is not in English but it does not matter. Shows the versatility of laid back nursing and includes a picture of moms nursing at a cafe or something, look for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SZ3zb5OYMA

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    Default Re: 3 Month Old Refuses to Nurse in Cradle Hold

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Meg! I just tried to feed him slightly reclined and he latched on without much of a fuss.

    Thank you so, so much for the info and video! So glad it was such an easy solution for now!

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