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Thread: Allergy rash relief options

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    Default Allergy rash relief options

    I am dealing with what I believe is an allergic reaction to something I ate and it is leading to itchy skin. While I'm working on figuring out the culprit I'm very uncomfortable with the itching but don't want to take anything that could compromise my milk supply. I'm generally a very homeopathic person and don't take medicine for anything. However, this itching is driving me crazy. I have used some topical cortisone as I understand that to be safe for baby (the rash is on my neck, not near where baby nurses). However, the relief is short lived. I think my Dr. would say some things are safe but I was more interested in the anecdotal evidence from others on whether supply was compromised. I think benedryl is out. Are there other antihistamines that are 100% not going to negatively impact supply? I feel like I make just what my DS needs and don't want to do anything to harm that. I've also used some tea tree oil mixed in with lotion that does seem to help (also short lived) so I may stick with that but wanted to see if others have had any successful tries with other remedies. (By the way, my DS is 4 mo old so still eating 7-9 x/day)

    On another note, if anyone has ever done any type of cleanse while nursing I'd love input on that too. I've done cleanses several times and they are very helpful for me for a variety of reasons that's too much to go into here. Naturopath says it's safe but again don't want to compromise supply.

    Thanks alot

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    How about an oatmeal bath? That can be very soothing for itchy skin.

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