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Thread: Just turned 3 days old, won't wake up for night feedings

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    Default Just turned 3 days old, won't wake up for night feedings

    I'm a FTM with a little boy born on 12/20. We got discharged from the hospital today. He had a good feeding at 7:30am Sunday morning but then was taken to be circumcised and was asleep the rest of the day due to the medicine they gave him during the procedure. Nurse at the hospital said it was okay that he hadn't fed. We got home around 8:00 and he nursed for 40 mins took an hour break and then nursed again for 30 minutes. I just tried to wake him to do his next feeding and he just isn't interested. He did the same thing in the hospital the night before in the hospital and the nurse wasn't worried about it then either. I am just worried he's not getting enough and I do not want him getting jaundice. He's had 2 poopy diapers and one pee diaper today since his circumcision. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it okay for him to be so sleepy? Am I just being paranoid? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Just turned 3 days old, won't wake up for night feedings

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    It's common for baby boys to be a bit sleepy after being circumcised. But you're right to be very watchful at this point in your baby's life. It's hard to judge milk intake by diaper output unless you're looking at a full 24 hour period. So keep a careful watch on wets and poops- remember, poop diapers tend to have pee in them, as well. If the baby is producing enough in a 24 hour period, then everything is okay.

    This is a handy reference: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/

    Newborns typically fed 10-12 times a day. If your baby is nursing significantly less than that, you want to work to wake him up. Here are some tricks for waking a sleepy baby:
    - Keep him cool. When it's time to nurse, strip him down to a diaper or a single light layer. Keep a fan blowing in the room where you're nursing- just not directly on the baby.
    - Annoy him. Rub against the grain of his hair or tickle the soles of his feet using your hand or a cool damp washrag.
    - Do breast compressions to speed milk flow to him as he nurses- this may stop him drifting off while nursing.

    Is your milk "in" yet- i.e. are you seeing an increasing amount of milk, is it changing from translucent yellow (colostrum) to creamy yellowish-white (transitional milk)?

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    Default Re: Just turned 3 days old, won't wake up for night feedings

    Isn't this frustrating! We dealt with the same thing. Now, a month later, you better believe Baby has no problem letting us know she's hungry.

    We found that changing her diaper (whether she needed it or not) did the trick. The fact that nighttime diapers are my husband's job made things a little easier on me!

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