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Thread: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

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    Default Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    My son is 6 month old and I have never had a problem with my letdown until this weekend. Saturday I had a feed where my milk wouldn't let down and then again twice on Sunday. Today was he worst - my milk wouldn't letdown from 8 until 2 and finally letdown when I was dream feeding. Super stressed about this and worried about my supply ( which once the milk lets down seems totally normal). I think stress is the cause but I'm having trouble relaxing... Help!!!

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    Default Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    Stress and anxiety can inhibit letdown. Have you tried deep breathing exercises while nursing? Maybe drinking a big glass of water, or something warm?

    Sometimes the issue isn't the mom, but rather the baby. If he's teething or just not that into nursing at night, he may no be triggering the kinds of letdowns you're used to. How is he acting when this is happening?
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    Default Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    - how do you know milk is not letting down?

    also i would add, if this is avoidable stress, avoid it.
    try massage or hand expression prior to nursing
    look into the herb fennel for let down issues.

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    Default Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    I have a lot of problems with this, especially as my baby got older. Here are some of the things that helped me along the way:
    -listening to music that is emotional or sweet/sad/soothing while nursing
    -rescue remedy spray
    -hot shower before nursing at night
    -closing eyes, relaxing ever muscle and thinking about things that make me very happy- my honeymoon, a wonderful memory, etc.
    -trying to nurse in a dim room and a position where I can relax my arms, legs and torso while nursing

    Geez, I know how frustrating this is. I have been struggling with it for at least the last 6 months, but for me, there were good days and bad days and sometimes several days in a row where this wasnt an issue at all. Baby and I made it to a year this way and it was worth it, though always a bit stressful. As time went on I learned to deal with it, and baby got more patient with me if he really wanted the milk. I do believe fennel really helped. I never did try the oxytocin nasal spray, but if I hve another baby and go through this again, I will try it.

    Right now, we are at 13 months and my supply is so low my let-down can take 20 minutes or doesn;t happen at all. The last few days have been so frustrating and stressful for my son and I that we are endng up weaning faster than I would have liked. But he is dealing very well with it.

    I would be happy to share thoughts, ideas with you more if you are interested. It sucks. I always feel like I am "broken" and get so angry that my body doesn't work the way it should. But I guess everyone has their own challenges and it is all relative.

    I hope your milk lets down and the hole problem just goes away, but if not, know there are a lot of things you can try- focus/biofeedback really works pretty well!

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    Default Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions... I've been still struggling now and it's been 2.5 weeks... Im fairly certain that anxiety abou my letdown is slowing my letdown way down... I sheen relying heavily on he oxytocin nasal spray but I want to get back to the way things were pre-anxiety. My son has also become very fussy at the breast and sometimes it's because he doesn't want to nurse and other times it seems it's because my milk a too slow or my worst fear - he senses my anxiety... And on top of it all I'm now worrying about my supply... What am I to do!? All relaxation techniques are not working... I desperately wanted to nurse until 2 and now I'd be thankful to make it a year...

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    Default Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    Do you think there is any chance your anxiety is more pervasive than just about the letdown? I might consider talking to someone about the anxiety at this point. Perhaps if that can be managed, the other issues will also resolve themselves. Hang in there. I had pretty severe postpartum anxiety in the early months, I know how tough it is.
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