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Thread: Help! Baby is fighting with me every single meal

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    Default Help! Baby is fighting with me every single meal

    My 3 month old baby is fighting with me every single meal.
    Little history: For the first month we did straightly breastfeeding, as it was going toward the second month he refuse breastfeeding, so we began to pump breast milk for him to eat in a bottle. But everything was still fine at that point he still eat like a little monster. But then the 2 month immunization shot is when the nightmare began. 3 day after the shot the baby began to refuse milk and cry every single time when we try to feed him. We research a bit thinking that it is one of the common side effect of the shot and it would go away in couple of days. But it didn't get any better. Nowaday my baby can go on for like6-8 hr without eating and still give me a fight for his life in order to feed him. What should I do? Some of my co-worker suggested mylicon drop? I am looking at Little Remedies® For Tummys™
    Gripe Water do that work?
    At this point any suggest would help.

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    Default Re: Help! Baby is fighting with me every single meal

    How is mylicon or gripe water or anything like that going to help baby nurse? I don't understand. These are remedies for gas or other digestion issues. (And came into wider use AFTER the widespread use of formula which does cause digestion issues where breastfeeding is far less likely to btw) Whether they work or not is a matter of opinion, but I do not know how they are going to encourage a reluctant nurser.

    I do not know why your baby is refusing to nurse. But here are some reasons way a baby who formerly nursed well will refuse to nurse:

    Baby is not hungry (this happens, for example, if baby gets very large bottles or is some other way overfed while mom is at work.)
    Baby has become used to the flow of bottles and is no longer very willing to do what is needed to nurse at the breast
    Baby has teething or some other pain (possibly an ongoing affect of the shots?) that makes nursing uncomfortable.
    Baby WAS sick or uncomfortable (such as feeling sick, feverish, headachy etc. after the shots) and now associates nursing with that pain, causing baby to go on a nursing "strike"
    Baby has such painful reflux that it makes eating uncomfortable. (If this is the case, you would probably want to consider prescription medications, not an otc remedy.

    At three months, many babies DO start eating less than before. Less often in some cases, and for much shorter length of session in many cases. I agree that 6 or 8 hours is a very long tome for baby to regularly go without eating, however.
    What also happens at this age is many moms feel less full or 'empty' and actually ARE less full, which can slow the milk flow. This is normal and fine, it does not mean you do not make enough milk. But it can sometimes make a baby unhappy at the breast esp. if baby is used to a fast flow from the bottle.
    My guess is you are facing a combination, possible of the bottle flow 'preference' and an adverse reaction/nursing strike caused by the shots. if this sounds logical to you,

    I suggest this excellent article for ideas on how to gently encourage baby to nurse. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    I would also suggest try breast compressions while baby is nursing and/or hand expression prior to nursing to increase flow. I would also suggest limiting bottles to when you are at work only if possible, only using them at home if needed to encourage nursing as described in the article.

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    Default Re: Help! Baby is fighting with me every single meal

    OK I just re-read your post and maybe I am not understanding-are you not nursing at all for the last month? Since well before the shots? Baby has been exclusively bootle fed for the last month and now, Baby is refusing the bottles?

    If that is the case, That might mean an excess lipase issue. Do you give baby fresh or frozen milk? Does your thawed milk or milk that has been stored in the fridge for a while smell or taste soapy?

    Also how much do you feed baby in each bottle and how often was baby getting a bottle prior to the shots? How many times a day?

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