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Thread: 4 month old - Throwing up problems!

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    Question 4 month old - Throwing up problems!

    Hi! So my 4 month old has been throwing up (an extremely large amount, soaking us both) at the same time every morning. Around 10 am she'll nurse before her morning nap (last feeding was 3 hours ago), and she'll have nursed for 5-10 minutes and will throw up. She's completely happy afterwards and will be rocked to sleep after we change our clothes. It just is so strange it's the same time every day.

    I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this. Between 1 & 2 months we had some projectile throwing up, but I assumed it was a weak stomach flap, and we haven't had a problem in months. It's occurred Sunday morning, Monday morning, and today (Wednesday). (Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment so our normal morning routine was different). Could it be coffee? I drink one cup between 8 & 9 am... I'm not sure if that would affect her in this way. I asked the doctor at our appointment and he said he'd be concerned if she wasn't gaining weight or having wet/poopy diapers.

    Any insight would be helpful. Wondering if I should dress us in rain coats for that morning feeding...

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    I like the raincoat approach. I also like your doctor's approach, because honestly spit-up is only a concern when the baby isn't gaining well or isn't producing enough diaper output. In an otherwise healthy, happy baby, it's a laundry problem, not a health problem.

    If you're looking for an explanation for what you're seeing, there are a lot of them. A weak stomach sphincter would be by far the most likely explanation, but it could be something you ate or it could be that your baby's pre-nap feeding was a relatively long time after her last one, which means that her tummy probably gets extra full. Or it could be that your baby is trying to nurse to sleep, and therefore takes in more milk than she's actually hungry for. Or it could be positional- if you're lying her down right after nursing, that increases the chances of spitting up.

    So, what do you do about this? If this were my baby, I probably wouldn't do anything like eliminating the coffee or any other suspect food group, She's happy- to me that says that this just isn't a big problem. But I think I would try nursing in a reclined position and keeping her upright for a bit after nursing, just in case this is positional or the result of too much intake.

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    one of my daughters started having spit up (not massive throw up but spit up) at 4 months. I read that a lot of spit up problems come around 4 months (can't remember why) and that it's the worst then and then it goes away. Good luck!

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    I dealt with this with my oldest. Periodic gigantic spitups during or right after a nursing. He was healthy, happy (usually) and growing normally. So yes it was a mess oh what a mess but not a health concern. I agree with suggestions mommal gives. I think it being the same time of day is likely to be due to how much milk you are producing at that time. You could also try offering to nurse baby a bit earlier as the longer milk sits in the breasts the more forceful the letdown is.

    as far as coffee goes, Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are not typically the problem for nursing folks assume it is-Our breastfeeding manual says mom must drink the equivalent of 5 cups a day for it to affect baby at all. However, there may be a sensitivity to the caffeine or something else in your coffee, its possible. If you can stand switching to tea or something for a week, that would at least give you an answer one way or another there. If it actually helps get back to us because it MIGHT just be coincidental. As a fellow coffee drinker I would want you to be sure before you totally eliminated that important cup of joe!

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