New Beginnings, 2013 Issue 5, December 2013

Features: Breastfeeding and Postpartum Physical Intimacy
Mothers' Stories: Finding La Leche League
Amanda's Story: The Weaning
A Look Back at Breastfeeding
Staying Home: Making Time for Myself
Toddler Tips: Staying Organized with responses from Forums members 5ofus, alphawoman, worknpump, and elliemommy
Making it Work: Discussing Pumping Needs
Focus on Fathers: The Collins Family
Giving Birth: My Birth Stories and the Benefits of Birth Plans
US Breastfeeding Committee: Catch the Wave: The Breastfeeding Tidal Wave
Eating Wisely: Delicious and Nutritious Cold-Weather Eating
Recipes: Mel's Hearty Winter Vegetable and Bean Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Book Review: My Child Won't Eat! by Carlos Gonzalez, MD