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Thread: She prefers my right breast

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    I just gave birth on December 14 and have been exclusively breastfeeding. It's going really well despite my nerves about it. I was really nervous being a first time mom. My milk just came in yesterday so I am really engorged. She latches on great and eats well. Before my milk came in she would latch to both of my breasts just fine, but since my milk came in she doesn't like my left breast. She will latch for a few seconds then let go, and so on for a few seconds until she starts getting fussy with it and doesn't want it. I continue trying to feed with my left for 10-15 minutes but she just does not want anything to do with it. I know I'm producing because it leaks like a faucet. As soon as I put her on my right breast she latches right on and eats until she falls asleep. Is there anything I can do so she's feeding from both?

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    sometimes it's about positioning. try keeping baby in the same position you use for the right, but just sliding her over (instead of flipping her to do mirror image) - so if she's in cradle on the right, move her to football hold on the left.

    ps - you want to let baby "finish the first breast first" rather than watching the clock. when baby stops drinking, then offer the other side.
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