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When he breastfeeds, does he actively and methodically suck or does he pull off and fuss, or just lay there, latched, not doing anything?
I guess my answer unfortunately is all of the above...it really depends. He definitely has his fair share of moments when he is alert - at those times he does actively & methodically suck, but his latch is not deep so he is more so sucking the nipple. I can still though hear him swallow & even gulp, especially when I sense I'm having a let down.

He did just recently start fussing & pulling a little bit more...particularly on just my right breast. I assume (sadly) that it's because he is reminded how quickly the milk flows from the bottle & he can get that same flow on that side. I don't have one of those overwhelming let downs...but I do seem to notice when he nurses, it occurs more on the left side than the right. I thought it could be that maybe my right doesn't produce as much milk...but then sometimes when I pump, I could get 2x as much milk from my right than my left. I do realize though that it's all related to when he fed off of that breast & how much he was able to extract at that time...so the pumped amount, really may not tell me much.

I love hearing about what worked for you.,,but bc I don't have major let downs, I'm not sure if that'll work for me? I do sense I'm on the lower side of milk production, too. I started drinking mothers milk tea & I'm trying my best to pump as much as I can after ea feed. Sometimes it's difficult b/c after he's done, he's still fussy, so I can't even get to the pump!