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Thread: Pumping nightmare

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    My son is 7 weeks old and we have been lucky to have had a great breastfeeding experience so far. However, I have continually tried pumping with my Medela Pump in Style Advance pump and it has been very frustrating. When I pump I can barely get anything out. I have tried different shield sizes and nothing seems to work. I do notice that even with the small size shield a lot of my breast tissue is sucked in. I am at a loss on what to do, because I need to build up breast milk reserves for when I go back to work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    When you say you are not getting much, what are we talking generally?

    have you called medela customer service? Someone there or maybe on their website should be able to walk you through troubleshooting your pump. Sometimes the problem is the pump or in how it was put together. I once met a mom who thought the membranes were for packaging during shipping and threw them out, and ended up thinking she had no milk because of course the pump did not work. Those cheap little membranes wear out and tear easily and are vital for normal pump function.

    If you think it is the flange size, have you looked into Pumpin Pal flanges?

    Any way you can try another pump?

    Kellymom.com has good articles on pumping, what is normal, what is not, and how to increase volume. Have you checked those out?

    Hope that helps, hopefully other moms will have ideas for you too.

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