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Thread: Vasospasms or Thrush?

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    I am new to the boards so hopefully I am posting this is the right place. My LO is 8 weeks old. He is exclusively BF and we have had troubles from the beginning. When he was about three days old I got terribly cracked and bleeding nipples. It was probably a bad latch situation. A few days after the cracks the pain became so intense I couldn't nurse him. I pumped for a few days until they healed enough that I could handle him nursing again. Then I had intense burning and shooting pains deep in my breasts. My midwife said I likely had thrush as I had been on antibiotics for a kidney infection right before birth. LO did not show any signs of it in his mouth. I was treated with oral diflucan and APNO. Baby was treated with oral nystantin. After two weeks I felt a little better, but not all the way. My midwife prescribed a second round of diflucan. I continued to use the nipple ointment and started taking garlic and acidophilus. I was also boiling all pacifiers, pump, and bottle parts daily, washing bras and towels in hot water, and using a vinegar rinse on my nipples. Things were not improving on the second round of diflucan so I called a lactation specialist and she suggested gentian violet. I used that for four days and still no improvement. I've noticed that my nipples turn white after LO nurses and I'm starting to wonder if all the pain is coming from vasospasms rather than thrush. There is generally little to no pain while he is nursing, but a burning, throbbing type pain after and in between feedings. Has anyone ever dealt with vasospasms? Does this sound like the type of pain you had with them? What did you do for relief? Is it possible that I had thrush and I am now dealing with a secondary problem? LO does have a vigorous suck and often times my nipple comes out of his mouth flattened with a white stripe across it.

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    Flattened/striped nipples + nipples turning white + burning, throbbing pain = all very suggestive if vasospasm. Vasospasms are often mistaken for thrush, since both cause similar types of pain. If this is vasospasm, it's probably due to compression- that's what's giving you the flattened nipples- so the best thing to do is to try to get a better latch. This should happen naturally as the baby grows, but right now it may help to experiment with different positions, to go back to the LC and ask for help with something called the sandwich technique, and to make sure your baby is carefully checked for tongue tie. Treating vasospasms is generally easy- just apply heat the moment they strike. If heat improves the situation, then I think you can consider your vasospasm suspicion confirmed.

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