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Do you think you might have a mild case of thrush? Have you thought about trying Gentian Violet? ...
I have never had thrush that I know of. Ny DS's mouth is not white, everything looks normal in there. My nipple during not itch or burn, nipple pain does improve with repositioning. This is more like when you have a cut on your finger, and it keeps getting irritated. But maybe I should get an appointment with my new insurance provider to see an IBCLC, just to get examined. Or maybe a nurse would do fine but I was trying to avoid the whole "you're still breastfeeding?!" questions I normally get from providers (last female doc with children of her own was like "well you're what makes Portland "Portlandia" - reference to our hippie/tree hugger/natural/hipster labels).
Anyway, yeah I will investigate but really don't think it's thrush since there isn't yeast any where else on me or baby or even daddy. I am fortunate that I haven't had yeast infections in probably 20 years. But I will get examined to rule it out!