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Thread: Thrush? *scratches head*

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    Default Thrush? *scratches head*

    Actually I'm scratching elsewhere. SO ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've never had thrush before through nursing my two daughters, but #2 is now 17 months old and I'm wondering if I do. I don't know why I've let it go this long, but my right nipple has been SO ITCHY for several months now, and it's got to the point where the areola is bleeding and weeping and there are scabs around it because I simply can't not scratch it. It's ridiculous.

    Now, is it possible to only have thrush on one side? My baby only uses the left breast, so she's never on the right side (it doesn't produce any milk besides leaking a little bit when I have a let-down on the left side). Oh, and there's not really a nipple on the right side, it's so inverted that nothing will ever pop out. So the INSIDE (if you know what I mean) is where it's itchiest. I wear cotton nursing pads on this side because it leaks; but the breast that she nurses on is fine, not at all itchy, and doesn't leak so I don't need pads on that side.

    Even reading this over myself, I think it's thrush - inverted nipple, nursing pads keeping it moist, etc.! - but does anyone have any thoughts/advice? I don't know any other one-sided nursers, so I've never thought about the possibility of just getting it on one side, the side that baby doesn't use.


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    Yikes, that sounds miserable!

    My first thought is that it could just be irritation from the moisture. Have you tried a barrier ointment like lanolin (Lansinoh)? That would protect it from the moisture and also keep things from drying out and getting scabby... kinda like chapstick.

    Do you normally get yeast infections? Or have you been on antibiotics?
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    Default Re: Thrush? *scratches head*

    Thanks Karen! I have only had one yeast infection ever in my life I think, and I haven't had antibiotics since baby #2's birth. But since smearing it with lanolin and switching to disposable nursing pads for the past two days, it is starting to clear up already. So I think you're right. Thanks so much for the ideas!

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