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Thread: PP 6 months breastfeeding and still bleeding

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    Default PP 6 months breastfeeding and still bleeding

    I am not on any form of birth control, I have already had an ultrasound which came out clear and yet for some reason I am still bleeding on and off at 6 MONTHs. I spoke to my obgyn about it who said that breastfeeding is causing me to bleed...which means I will have to give it up in order to stop bleeding. Does anyone know any further information about this? Is this accurate? anyone have any stories? Please? I'm lost.

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    That sounds so stressful! I'm sorry you're going through this.

    I've never heard of breastfeeding causing bleeding -- in fact, it normally helps prevent excessive bleeding after birth by causing the uterus to contract.

    Can you get a second opinion?
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    Default Re: PP 6 months breastfeeding and still bleeding

    Definitely time to seek a second opinion. Like LLLMeg, I have never heard that breastfeeding was associated with bleeding such as you describe- quite the opposite, in fact.

    If the ultrasound was clear, meaning that there's no physical explanation for the bleeding, the cause could be hormonal. You might want to see an endocrinologist in addition to seeing a gynecologist.

    This is a good article on abnormal uterine bleeding: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2012/0101/p35.html

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