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Thread: D&C for retained products and breastfeeding

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    Exclamation D&C for retained products and breastfeeding

    Help! My doctor left a piece of my placenta and I had it taken out 11 weeks after my delivery. Now, I have to take estrogen pills to prevent permanent scarring. Meanwhile, the pills are decreasing my milk supply My questions are:1. Is is ok to breastfeed while taking these estrogen pills? Pregnant mothers breastfeed their babies so I'd think it's ok. 2. I have to take these pills for at least 7 days. Does anyone know if my milk supply will come back when I stop the pills? Help! No one cares about my breastfeeding goals and my baby is so sad with the bottle 24-7. Fortunately, I have a freezer full of milk that I had stored all along (thank GOD)!

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    Hi and welcome maelli2013. how frustrating that you feel no one cares about your desire to nurse your baby. or recognize how important this is or both of you.

    Does your hcp or hospital have any lactation staff? Preferably an IBCLC? Or can you see one locally at all? What about local LLL?

    I am sorry I cannot answer your question about the safety of estrogen, because I am not sure exactly what you are taking. Is it a similar dosage/product to what would be in a birth control pill? If so I am pretty sure it IS considered safe for your baby to nurse but it is possible the estrogen will cause your milk production to dip a bit. However, you are only going to be taking the estrogen a short time it sounds like. That is good. It also depends on dosage and how your body responds.

    For more info I suggest that you call infantrisk, they are in the US and are open Central Standard Time 8-5 See # here: http://www.infantrisk.com/ But I just looked in the book Medication and Mothers Milk and estrogen at dosage typical for BC is considered safe for baby, the warnings are about the possible reduction in production. But again, I do not know what dose you are taking. If you call infantrisk with that info they can help you.

    To keep your production in the best shape it possibly can be, I suggest that once you know it is safe, actively encourage baby to nurse as much as you possibly can. Depending on how much baby will nurse, pump as well as needed.

    Placenta retention itself can cause poor milk production. Up until this point were you exclusively breastfeeding?

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    Thank you SO MUCH! Yes, I have and continue to exclusively breastfeed. This is so helpful! I reached out to my pediatrician and good friend who reassured me that this could be safe. I had to pump and dump for about 2.5 days because of the anesthesia meds. My milk supply did drop a bit but once I started nursing again, it has recovered. So the hormones that I am taking are considered very similar to those that my body naturally would produce. My pediatrician confirmed that if I was pregnant and nursing, I would not be told to stop. So, this reassured me. Also, yes, the amount in them is lower than those in BCP.
    lllmeg I really thank you tremendously. This was very frustrating because I happen to be in the medical field myself with lots of training and I find that breastfeeding is so poorly understood and not given the importance that it truly deserves! It has been a week and now I continue to breastfeed and we are both very happy! No formula for my baby

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    Yay! Thanks for teh update. I am so happy you are still exclusively nursing and (it sounds like) recovering well. And I am very glad your hcps caught that retained placenta and took care of it!

    Just for future information and for others facing a surgical procedure who may read this thread, it is not (any longer) the typical recommendation that mothers need to pump and dump for ANY period of time following general anesthesia. Obviously every case is different, and this may have been needed in your case. But in most cases, it is considered entirely safe to nurse baby as soon as mom is awake after surgery or very shortly after. If baby is not present, mom should probably pump or hand express due to milk production concerns (and her own health and comfort,) but while she may choose to dump that expressed milk, it is not necessary. There is lots of info on surgical procedures and breastfeeding in this protocol from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...vised_2012.pdf -I have found the protocols on this site put out by the doctors of the ABM are esp. helpful when a doctor requires 'doctor to doctor" communication about breastfeeding.

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