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Thread: 3 days old...1 dirty diaper...ok?

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    He's pooping an average of 3 times per day finally!

    Yes, I had supply problems with my older son (="ODS"). Looong story, which I believe requires background to fully understand, but I'll try to be succinct.

    My older son was "late" (only by 5 days), so my OB suckered me into agreeing to an induction. I mention the induction because I believe it was the first element in a perfect storm that threw off my milk supply from the very beginning. I read somewhere that milk is slower to come in when the mother's labor was long and difficult and when she had a lot of IV fluids - all true for me. So when my son was born jaundiced, the ped was very concerned about his diaper output & that he wasn't gaining better. (This was 3 years ago so I can't remember all the numbers, but it was alarming.) Both he and the ibclc advised that we supplement. My milk didn't really come in until a week after my son was born, and we'd already been supplementing since about day 3. Then all the usual problems ensued: bottle preference (didn't know about pacing), fighting/screaming at the breast, etc. Took a LOT of effort and tears to get him back to the breast, which we achieved with the help of an at-breast supplement system. I used that thing for a long time, hoping to build up my supply, but it just never happened, despite constant nursing, LLL meetings, stalking these forums, pumping around the clock, herbal supplements, meeting with 2 additional ibclcs (one thought I might have IGT, which was never confirmed), getting ultrasounds & blood work (to check for PCOS & and other hormonal problems, which showed everything was normal). We tried a round of prescription Reglan (no improvement) and several weeks of domperidone (maybe a slight improvement, but it was hard to tell), did I mention pumping...like, CONSTANTLY? I scoured the internet for information on increasing supply, read The Womanly Art of BFing and The BFing Mother's Guide to Making More Milk cover to cover. I even contacted Dr. Jack Newman for help, and he actually corresponded with me via email for a while. Despite all this, my baby just never gained satisfactorily unless we supplemented (first with donated EBM, and eventually formula). Finally after exhausting all options (I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something I tried), I gave up the at-breast supplement system, and my husband gave our son one bottle at night, and that seemed to do the trick for his weight gain. Fortunately after we introduced solids, we were able to stop supplementing. And I am so grateful that my son went on to nurse enthusiastically until he was 2.5 (he'll be three in January). He might still be nursing, except when I found out was pregnant, I read that dairy cows produce more milk after they've had a dry period before birth (from BFing Mother's Guide to Making More Milk). So, I gently weaned ODS to prepare for his baby brother.

    So there's some of my story...I hope it helps you to see why I am so paranoid about my supply this time around. Luckily, I am armed with so much more knowledge (I knew NOTHING about BFing with ODS). For instance I understand the importance of these early weeks of calibrating my supply to baby's demands. But despite having more confidence in my knowledge base, I'm still having a hard time trusting my body. I never knew if I was capable of producing enough milk in the first place...

    And that's the succinct version!
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    Default Re: 3 days old...1 dirty diaper...ok?

    OK so there was no known physical barrier to normla milk production, aside from the early supplementing and birth interventions, which can definitely mess things up. But your milk remained not quite enough for baby despite very great efforts. Now I understand your concern.

    OK in that case it may be hard to relax totally, but things certainly do seem to be going normally now. btw as I understand it, it is pretty common for milk production to be higher with 2nd baby, esp. if breastfeeding lasted for a while with older child-so all those efforts may be paying off now as well.

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