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Thread: Milk supply dropped, less than 1oz at a time :(

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    Default Re: Milk supply dropped, less than 1oz at a time :(

    Yes if you want more info on supp. at breast I'm happy to share what we use, very inexpensive to make one! http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...-aid&Itemid=17

    I supplemented my daughter with bottles and I believe that contributed to her 5 mo long nursing strike. I supplement my twins at breast and then they stimulate my supply while they nurse, I'm the only one feeding them and we don't have to use bottles so they just know milk comes from mommy. I always felt badly, kind of resentful when I gave DD bottles of my pumped milk ( she was poor at milk removal) because I just wanted her to nurse. Bottles can also contribute to a bad latch.
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